Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It is an amazing thing when you decide to truly seek your every turn the Universe puts people and information directly into your path in the most unexpected ways... It has always been this way. Last year I had an overwhelming experience with a teacher that came into our lives, it was a false start, I at first made great strides, but rather resented the fact that the journey chose me instead of the other way around (control much) silly I know, it was really much more complicated than that, but that probably could have a blog of its own. I am one of those dangerous closet control freaks apparently, it was a secret even to myself. I learned a lot, but at some point my truth and my teachers truth were somewhat at odds. The truth of the matter is that he was brought into my husbands life, the story his too long, and belongs to him...but it altered his life this kindred spirit brought into his life our lives in a most mystical way, that could not be ignored. I at first felt threatened, because all of the sudden I did not recognize my husband, he was suddenly gentle, introspective, desperate for connection to his God Self, I was both in awe of this, and felt as if I was out side looking in, until I realized that the lesson was for me to, and while our journey's are individual they are still ours together as a couple. He was traveling in our area, and we invited him to stay at our place, he came in his motorhome, and we communed with him for (3) months. My husband holds his teachers friendship and gifts very dear, as do I, but I realize that no matter his experience,knowledge and gifts, his path, his journey is his own, I truly thank him for the lessons of seeing through pain, the acknowledgement of knowing exactly when I am in my God self, and his ability to recognize that, is an amazing undescribable gift. I thank him for sharing those moments, while telling me you know this, you know this, he knows that my truth is more about a falling away of the layers of shit that started piling on, the moment I was brought into the world with a slap to the hiney, and a cry. That I can learn, teach, and see when I am in my Christ Self as he calls it. It is really amazing, I swear when I am in that place, I can look in the mirror, there seems to actually be light radiating from them, he and I look at each other when we are both in this state, and he looks completely different radiating love and light, undertanding. It is amazing the energy, the ability. I regret that I did not take more opportunity to have more of these experiences with him, but he taught me many lessons, about my abilities, my goddess, my right to command, and manifest. The cosmic energy balls were pretty cool to, but that's another story. He is one of the treasures, and teachers I have found that had a profound affect. I have found many women through their blogs that i find so inspirational, at this time of the shift in energy, and it showS me that I am on the right path... that there are so many like minded women that will hold me up, while I journey. I found an amazing site today, Love & Light, amazing insight. My friend/teacher says that the light is growing nearer and illuminating the truth, and that like never before our abilities will be accelerated into this awareness this enlightenment, a quickening of sorts. He has spent a life time of dedicated journey, and learning, suffering, to reach his abilities, and awareness without ego, he said at this point and time which is so special due to the alignment of the planets and a shift in energy that the work he did would not be necessary to a seeker now. I guess his message while likely very true is that I dont need to search for the light, I need to be the light. I agree, but again we have our own path, and while I may be able to get there with intense meditation and desire, I still have the desire/need to peel away the layers that hopefully will lead to.... Being the Light.

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