Saturday, August 9, 2014


I have been gone from here for a while. Marinating on a lot of things, as usual. So many changes, so many things never change.Like so many things, i have to marinate for a while, before I can interpret the meaning the outcome. Steve went out of town on a much needed beach guy trip. He always feels guilty for doing things like this, but as much as I miss him, i kind of relish it. I need it, to be alone, the solace, the quiet, to think and feel, and just do my thing. My thing right now deals with some realizations i have come to that are for another post about the way I define myself. I am using this weekend, and the coming week, to re connect with my essence, with that girl. The girl who looks a little different in the mirror than she feels in her heart at the moment, aging is a tricky thing. So I am keeping it simple, and gentle, and nurturing. What does that look like on this lazy, lazy weekend? Chinese takeout, plenty of my favorite dark chocolate, wine. Chick flicks that i can ugly face cry to with no one watching, longs naps, putting on my cut offs a floppy hat and not caring what my 49 year old legs might look like (a positive of aging, ha!) while i go thrifting and scoring the most awesome pair of Born leather boots with southwest tapestry. Friday, my day off (yes I am working part time) Take out, movies, naps, thrift score vintage kimono. Saturday- Sleeping late, cut offs floppy hat, mexican market carrying my pina colado in a pineapple with whip cream and cherry on top, more movies, more vintage scores thrift score, actually went back to get the Born leather cowboy boots with southwest tapestry that I left behind yesterday. Catching up on blogs, and just letting myself feel 28 again. Which involves not looking in the mirror to terribly much. I think my hubby may come home to a little more revitalized woman. Recharging batteries is so necessary, but I always wait until i am almost depleted to do so. What is your self care looking like these days?