Thursday, February 20, 2014

You are already Home

What I read this morning, and so needed to read at this moment. It voiced where I am in this moment. It was from Awakening Shakti author listed below. Why do you wait? There really is no point (anymore) to these veils you hang between you and this world. I'm not asking you to answer that question. In fact, the analyzing, trying desperately to figure out "why?" is one of the ropes that has wrapped around you and pulled you deeper under ground into your dark comfortable loneliness. It's a trick you play on yourself. "If I watch myself watching the world from this safe place long enough, I'll be able calculate the distance form here to there, orient myself to this and that, then draw a map of all of it. THEN, when I've memorized the map, I'll make a plan, I'll figure out the various entry points, noting my emergency escape routes, THEN I'll contemplate how to begin my journey." It is simply exHAUSting. So there you sit, in your analysis paralysis, spinning off into goddess knows where when ..... Here is Here. (How could it be anywhere else?) You are You. (Stop trying to be anyone else!) You are already Here. You are smack center where you have always wanted to be. You are already Home. ~ Toi Lynn Wyle

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Leo Moon

Oh you fierce LEO Moon. Last night such a beautiful Orb.
Barefoot in green grass, this moon pulled me in and swept me up. The fairies joined as well

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A re-do and Sticky Stuff

Hmmm! Firstly the sticky stuff, the stuff that keeps you quiet and scratching your head, and holding your heart. I need to make up with someone, and by make up I mean I can never go back and fix it, and i cannot do what they want me to do with my life....Because honestly I am a complex person, in that I kind of find comfort in my dark corners, and that makes a lot of people, namely people that mean everything to me worried. Worried I suppose that I am settling, that I am not living the life they saw for me???????? At any rate the make up, is really sticky because you see, I cannot breath without these loves, and I cannot stop being me either. I just have to be less me in their presence. Does any of this make sense?? I am such a flood of emotions, I am thrilled because we are finally coming together, a healing of sorts is taking place, I hope. I am a little sad because I mourn the before fall out era, I am a little angry because I have to walk lightly and watch my words, until this tender thing heals, and maybe for ever with them. I love them, I need them, the inner conflict goes on, and as much as it goes against what i am trying to accomplish in my journey, i will meet them where they are, and I will honor them, and their truth, and my responsibility for them.
On a lighter note a Re-Do, a rusty, dirty little thing for $6.00 at a barn sale. I cannot wait to have my way with her. I have already started the cleaning and sanding. I can tell you that the rust will stay. I love rich wood, but this girl is getting a bleached wood stain grayish in tone, to highlight all of that rusty mechanical goodness from the 20's or 30's. I will need to decide which fabric she will wear. I will show an after shortly. I am sanding, cleaning, and being very impatient. Happy Valentine's Day Love. I cannot wait to participate in Sage Goddess Full Moon Ritual this evening.