Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bear & Snake Medicine

Amazing,  This was my experience the day after I wrote my last post entitled "The Alchemist" The Universe is calling to me, whispering to my soul to believe in the magic and these little miracles make it very believable. 
I feel my calling in my dreams is to become a healer, of myself and others. I thought to myself that I love the idea of , it has taught me that no matter how confusing it may be to. Due to my emotional issues of feeling nervous, vulnerable, and fearful, about relationships, money, everything. I decided to journey for some answers, and this is the result:

I asked for protection. I asked that a spirit animal meet me on the other side and share its medicine with me, that I need to know what the problem is and help correcting it.  When I entered, I was immediately met with a Bear. The Bear was very angry, he was growling and roaring at me, there would be no touching the Bear, he seemed like an agitated old man I had awoken from a nap.  He wanted me to keep my distance but to follow him.  I followed him for a short bit, to what looked like to me the Appalachian Trail in the Smoky Mountains which I had been to a few weeks prior, suddenly we were at another place again a place I saw on vacation, lush green with a waterfall, it was beautiful, but I thought why is he taking me here.  When we got to the creek/stream at the bottom of the water fall, I remembered that we found a large snake nestled on a rock on vacation. He told me that the snake was there, and he told me to acknowledge Snake. ????? Okay, what does that mean, acknowledge the Snake? So I said I see you Snake, can you share your medicine with me, and it was over…. I came back out.  Again normally I do not try to look up and find out what the animal spirit represents, this time I did. I referred to a Native American guide of spirit animals.  When the Bear appears it is a very powerful symbol, Bear is very powerful, confident, and strong, but the Bear angers easily and has little control over this, wow!  When the Bear appears to you it is stating that you are powerful confident and strong (and I normally am) but when it angers it is out of control of its emotions and it is putting that weakness out there. You need to remember to keep your emotions under control, and remember your strength.  The Snake is referred to, Get This! “The Alchemist” Healer. It represents healing, rebirth, renewal.  The Snake was confirming to me that I am on the right path now with being and Alchemist for my own life.  Amazing! Again, I never cease to be blown away. What does it mean to me when I say I want to be an Alchemist for my life?
  1. I want to heal my body with nature, herbs and good food.
  2. I want to be gentle with myself and stop judging myself meditate, journey, love myself.
  3. Work on the ingredients to get my marriage back to supremely healthy, I think the first 2 ingredients are the recipe for that.  Feeling good about myself and being a better partner.