Thursday, January 1, 2015


I am not sure I believe in resolutions. I do believe that this new day, in this new year lends itself well, to a reviewing, a day to honor, and to set the best of intentions for those things we want to manifest in our lives. For me there is a softness to this particular day, a need to nurture myself with the intention that this will be a soulful start to a magical year. A year of sacredness. My day has been one of gentle thoughts on the lighter yet soulful side,a day of unplanned, but so right intuitive ritual, a day of scent and sound. A day of gratitude. Going forward I want this blog to be about just that, Gratitude, Sacredness, and Honoring the magic around us every day, the opportunity to turn the most mundane of "task" into a sacred ritual of living. This morning I woke, and meditated- I listed to Aloha Ke Akua - The words aloha ke akua mean the breath of life and the love of God -- that's a lose translation. Hawaiians when you speak this language with intention it has mana or big power to it. Prescription for the Soul: Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People ... Tears and gratitude as I bind myself with this thought and song) I did more exploring on my romance with Hindu/Hindi and the word - Das - Which means servant- servant as in devotion to those you love and yourself, and really to all mankind, as the Holy man says "Heart like butter" This has been resonating with me all day. My home today is filled with the scent of White Sage, Palo Santo, Vetiver, Juniper, Nag Champa and Lavender. Swimming in a sea of holy ancient scents, and anointing my long bath with Lavender Essential oil. I love that my fascination with herbs, oils, and medicines, rattles, drums, stones from every culture has put tools at my finger tips, so that I may use them intuitively- there is a magic to that. Do I think I need tools to connect- No- but it absolutely enriches the experience and feels like a most sacred prayer straight to Father and Mother. It immediately taps into that most sacred space in me, to help me connect to the energy of all. Hope you are having a day filled with love, self love, and sacredness.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mountain Lion - Being in the Moment

I have been away from here for a while. Trying to be in the moment(s) as it were. It has been a rewarding healing time. Mending fences, moving forward, honoring, cherishing, and nurturing. I participated in Pixie Campbell (Lighthorse) SOULODGE with Mountain Lion- and what a Solar Queen she was. I have never had a more rewarding, intimate, soul shaking journey. We took 2 journeys with Mountain Lion, and she let me embody her- She met me, knocked me down, face to face, nuzzle me, assured me, she showed me her strength, her wisdom, her cunning, and just being what she was, the Queen. Our journey dealt with boundaries, that has always been a big issue with me, and she taught me a lot. Stop apologizing at every turn for taking up space, stop taking on someone else's issues as my own.... The 2nd journey was just pure hilarity. Pixie told us to ask Mountain Lion what she wanted us to know..I was met with a congo dancing cartoon character, set on making me belly laugh-Message received, stop taking yourself so damn serious, be light, be joyful, belly laugh more.... What lessons are you learning-going into this dark season?????

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I have been gone from here for a while. Marinating on a lot of things, as usual. So many changes, so many things never change.Like so many things, i have to marinate for a while, before I can interpret the meaning the outcome. Steve went out of town on a much needed beach guy trip. He always feels guilty for doing things like this, but as much as I miss him, i kind of relish it. I need it, to be alone, the solace, the quiet, to think and feel, and just do my thing. My thing right now deals with some realizations i have come to that are for another post about the way I define myself. I am using this weekend, and the coming week, to re connect with my essence, with that girl. The girl who looks a little different in the mirror than she feels in her heart at the moment, aging is a tricky thing. So I am keeping it simple, and gentle, and nurturing. What does that look like on this lazy, lazy weekend? Chinese takeout, plenty of my favorite dark chocolate, wine. Chick flicks that i can ugly face cry to with no one watching, longs naps, putting on my cut offs a floppy hat and not caring what my 49 year old legs might look like (a positive of aging, ha!) while i go thrifting and scoring the most awesome pair of Born leather boots with southwest tapestry. Friday, my day off (yes I am working part time) Take out, movies, naps, thrift score vintage kimono. Saturday- Sleeping late, cut offs floppy hat, mexican market carrying my pina colado in a pineapple with whip cream and cherry on top, more movies, more vintage scores thrift score, actually went back to get the Born leather cowboy boots with southwest tapestry that I left behind yesterday. Catching up on blogs, and just letting myself feel 28 again. Which involves not looking in the mirror to terribly much. I think my hubby may come home to a little more revitalized woman. Recharging batteries is so necessary, but I always wait until i am almost depleted to do so. What is your self care looking like these days?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Deer Altar

Engaging in Spring Soulodge with Pixie Campbell, what a wonderful group of women. What an intense journey. My altar to honor Deer, Fire & Water. Strength and Vulnerability.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Medicine

Spider has been making its presence known to me with great intensity over the last 2 days, i spotted three different spiders, basically in my space, in my truck, in my home, and at my mothers home, which not unusual, but the fact that each time, i almost walked into it, or grabbed it with my hand (on a knob) caught my attention. I got the message, and the medicine. Spiders make my skin crawl, I like to see spiders in their webs, but surprising me NO. I decided there was medicine here that I needed to explore. What I found Spider is the weaver of the Web of creativity. The symbol of creation and Mother. Strong feminine energy, Goddess. Sacred creative female energy. I have come to the conclusion over the last few days that I have to fall back into my love and knowing that my love of creating natural beautiful body products, and just soul-full just for me art and projects. I need to engage, create, manifest the prosperity I want to see in all aspects of this being. Hawk Medicine - Each time I am at a new threshold or just received information that moves me I see a Hawk, and I intuitively knew that I was being told to open, embrace, receive and use the message I just received, or that I am about to receive a message and I need to be receptive. It re-inforces what Spider is trying to tell me, I found a red tail hawk feather recently, and I see them daily. They give me comfort and let me know that I am on the right path, a light on my path if you will. And just for grins, i reviewed native american interpetation of Hawk Medicine, and again was given comfort, and more trust in my intuition. Hawk Medicine - "Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world" Use your power of focus, take the lead, use power of clear vision. A strong connection with the spirit world and increased spiritual awareness. And finally Deer Medicine- Deer was my first journey guide, and is so special to me, Deer gives me great comfort, and when I am sruggling, Deer shows me that there is always a different path. I had a blog post a while back about my meaningfull journey with deer, titled slippery hill. I won seat in Pixie Campbell's Soulodge for June working with Deer, that same morning my husband called me to let me know that he had found a 10 point antler set that he knew I would love. I am ready for more Deer Medicine. We will be working on balancing strength and vulnerability. SO MUCH MEDICINE TO TAKE IN, BUT MAYBE I HAVE BEEN IGNORING SOME SMALLER SIGNS AND NEEDED THIS FRONT AND CENTER. WHAT KIND OF MEDICINE IS WORKING IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW????

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Physical Labor

Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself, and just physically exert yourself, having something tangible at the end of the day to have started, or completed that makes life a little better, if even in a superficial way. Chair progress almost done
Working on a homemade fermented Gingerale, I will post the recipe once success is achieved, i have just begun the starter of sugar, ginger and water, the whole process will take 2 weeks, i am excited. Stripping the coffee table, and a little disappointed in what I found, oh well, maybe a repaint instead of a stain. Reading Reading Reading, napping, gazing at pear tree buds, sparrows, and orange sunsets through my bedroom window, in late afternoon. Using the hell out of my juicer. Being a better housekeeper, is keeping my mind a little less cluttered. Planting here and there. What are you working on? What gives your monkey mind a rest?