Thursday, January 1, 2015


I am not sure I believe in resolutions. I do believe that this new day, in this new year lends itself well, to a reviewing, a day to honor, and to set the best of intentions for those things we want to manifest in our lives. For me there is a softness to this particular day, a need to nurture myself with the intention that this will be a soulful start to a magical year. A year of sacredness. My day has been one of gentle thoughts on the lighter yet soulful side,a day of unplanned, but so right intuitive ritual, a day of scent and sound. A day of gratitude. Going forward I want this blog to be about just that, Gratitude, Sacredness, and Honoring the magic around us every day, the opportunity to turn the most mundane of "task" into a sacred ritual of living. This morning I woke, and meditated- I listed to Aloha Ke Akua - The words aloha ke akua mean the breath of life and the love of God -- that's a lose translation. Hawaiians when you speak this language with intention it has mana or big power to it. Prescription for the Soul: Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People ... Tears and gratitude as I bind myself with this thought and song) I did more exploring on my romance with Hindu/Hindi and the word - Das - Which means servant- servant as in devotion to those you love and yourself, and really to all mankind, as the Holy man says "Heart like butter" This has been resonating with me all day. My home today is filled with the scent of White Sage, Palo Santo, Vetiver, Juniper, Nag Champa and Lavender. Swimming in a sea of holy ancient scents, and anointing my long bath with Lavender Essential oil. I love that my fascination with herbs, oils, and medicines, rattles, drums, stones from every culture has put tools at my finger tips, so that I may use them intuitively- there is a magic to that. Do I think I need tools to connect- No- but it absolutely enriches the experience and feels like a most sacred prayer straight to Father and Mother. It immediately taps into that most sacred space in me, to help me connect to the energy of all. Hope you are having a day filled with love, self love, and sacredness.

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  1. beautiful words and sentiments. loving intention - is there anything else? ;)

    blessings for your year ahead.