Thursday, March 20, 2014

Physical Labor

Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself, and just physically exert yourself, having something tangible at the end of the day to have started, or completed that makes life a little better, if even in a superficial way. Chair progress almost done
Working on a homemade fermented Gingerale, I will post the recipe once success is achieved, i have just begun the starter of sugar, ginger and water, the whole process will take 2 weeks, i am excited. Stripping the coffee table, and a little disappointed in what I found, oh well, maybe a repaint instead of a stain. Reading Reading Reading, napping, gazing at pear tree buds, sparrows, and orange sunsets through my bedroom window, in late afternoon. Using the hell out of my juicer. Being a better housekeeper, is keeping my mind a little less cluttered. Planting here and there. What are you working on? What gives your monkey mind a rest?


  1. honest toil, that focuses, and clears, and brings connection, re-centring.
    beautiful chair.

  2. Thank you. True head down, back into it keeps the mind from a few precarious places.