Monday, January 16, 2012

Kindness is in our Power

I have always thought of myself as a kind person, but the last few years, with age, and time, I wonder if I am still as kind as I want to be. It seems for me anyway that the years if....even ever so slightly... can harden us a bit, the growing up, a little more rigidity in our ideas (the very thing I resolve to break free of.) I have been more impatient with people lately at a time when I want to be open, and...well...patient...Maybe it is because I am so dedicated to this journey, that I more aware of it, I now stop after my interaction with people in my life (if even for a moment)and ask myself, was I dismissive, impatient, unkind???? I mean people tell me that I am kind, and thoughtful. Just Pondering

So, I thought it was interesting that one of those people that I feel bad (bad for me) for not haveing a strong connection with, even though I think so much of her, her art, her way of being (maybe because she was a co worker, and have a hard time flipping that switch)...sent me an email a few minutes ago out of the blue, asking how I was doing, she is kind, and very thoughtful, and present, she has given me beautiful hand drawn cards, I commissioned beautiful art pieces from her, which I will share here. She always ends a note, a hand drawn card (kind)with a quote that she finds inspirational...the one at the end of her email today..... NUM 6: 24-26
Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not.-Samuel Johnson
Her art attached

She sent me a response when I thanked for the inspiring quote, She responded a moment ago: . It's one of my favorites. It makes me feel safe.

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