Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spirit Horse

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I am not sure why I have been so reluctant to speak my Mantras. I know they give me strength and focus. My prayers to the Universe that never disappoint, and quite frequently astounds, so why then delay, why not speak with fervor and your whole being,that which you command to manifest in your life, one of the mysteries about myself, that I am trying to unravel. I did however on my way to work, when quite frankly I am sitting, driving, mulling, thinking about what???, I dont know, maybe zoning a little. I decided to force the thoughts, the words the prayers, that have not failed me in the past, and when I started I could not stop, and it flowed like a river, a damned river released finally, what a rush, exhileration, satisfaction yes.... At the end of my proclamations of my blessings, my prosperity, abundance, God Essence, Light, Love Energy. I proclaimed that I would let my Spirit run, let if free, Let my Horse?? run, that was the image, it was all from that God Place, and suddenly like it always does the proof was there, I pulled up behind a car, still glowing in the glory of it, when a decal yes a decal, on the back of car was in front of me, the decal, was a Horse that appeared to be leaping out of a wave or a flame, It was my confirmation that yes indeed, I am open. I have no idea what it meant to that person, but it made me laugh with joy, at the joke of it all, it is truly there, just waiting for you to not search outward for your truth, but rather to peel away the layers like an onion, and expose what you have always known. I hope that everyone let their Horse Run!!!

I added this later after I realized that I needed to determine what the horse totem/medicine meant to me-Horses are symbols of freedom.
This totem brings new journeys. It will teach you to ride in new directions and discover your own freedom and power. Guide to overcoming obstacles.

"Pounding hooves, tossing mane,
Take me swiftly on my life's journey. Loyal friend, carry me to a place of safety.Lift me over the obstacles of my path" (credit to http:

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