Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Consuming the Light.

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No pun on words intended, but I need to keep it light today, and reflect on something a very wise enlightened friend told me. He firmly believes and it is his reality that... When eating food, we of course need to nurture our body with natural healthy food, but he is not stuck in this, when he wants to eat something decadent, and "bad" for you, he does not view it this way. He believes that when you are preparing to eat, that you pray on your food, you acknowledge its source, you ask that it only nourish your body and do no harm. He calls it "cleansing his food" He advised me that when I am about to eat, clear my mind of any negative thoughts, do not think them, do not speak them, if I decide I must have something decadent, eat it with love and passion, ask that it nourish you, savor every bite. For he believes that most of foods power over us, has to do with our guilt in consuming it, we start with " this is bad for me" "this is going to make me fat" Guess what you have assigned it this role, you have told your body this is the enemy, it is going to hurt me it is going to make me fat. I am not saying that you can eat anything you want anytime you want, (though i firmly believe that he can, lol) I have not yet made this a regular practice, only on occasion, but it is my goal to do it every time I eat. When I do this, I tell myself and the universe, that this food will only nourish me, and with every bite, I envision, I am eating light, "The Light" and guess what when I am finished it is the strangest thing, I actually feel light, not heavy, stuffed. I highly recommend it, and will remind myself to do this every day, no matter how busy my life gets.

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