Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nourishing Sunday

Today we went to one of our most beloved places, a place we started taking our now grown children when they were littles. So much beauty, so many memories....Steve and I headed out, just an hour drive. Taking his mountain bike, a picnic, and walking sticks for the hike, a good book and my camera. Not the greatest camera but it does the trick for now. We walked through the beautiful pine forest...with a fondness for the sleeping beauty this winter, although it was an unseasonably warm 70 degrees. We meditated in the silence beneath the beauties reaching skyward, was lay on a bed of pine needles and leaves, the only sound a crow cawing, and the trees swaying, an occasional pine cone falling to earth. I lay next to a tree deep in meditation, lying flat on the ground, and thinking it odd that I imagined being the hidden root knowing its purpose in that damp, ancient soil... rather that the glory of those up and outward reaching branches reaching for the light of the sun.

Perhaps it was my perspective (as in my photos of looking up from below) or perhaps because in life I have been comfortable in this role, or thinking it the noble role. Trying to be the rock, and glue in my family, wanting their peace, love, and happiness.

We walked, talked, and had a beautiful picnic, I started reading a great book. Today was truly a day of nourishment, for mind, body and soul.

As a couple it was bonding, and so welcomed.

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