Monday, November 11, 2013

Sinking in

Last week was my first full week without normal daily grind of a corporate job. It was not however a normal week. I spent Monday taking my mother to Dr. appointments, Tuesday traveling to comfort loved ones when i heard that my father in law from my previous marriage died after long illness, Wednesday and Thursday are a complete blur of business, leading up to a large festival and a trunk show over the weekend. Now today so far is the first day of waking up, and having no obligations other than to myself, my home, and growing my passion. It is finally sinking in, little by little. Meditation has helped dramatically, to set the days intention, as well as my journey as a whole intention. A lesson in breathing, accepting, expanding. The seeds are planted snuggly in fertile soil, i will nurture them, and know that that this period of dormancy, and slow moving gentleness will blossom and bloom beyond my wildest dreams soon. Sinking in in a different way, to this season of building and planting the life I am meant to have. The life I choose. What are you planting and nurturing this season?

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