Thursday, November 21, 2013


Finally poured, honored, and just right. A complex blend of plant essence, to honor this wise playful one. He searches, hunts and plays in forest, canyons, scrubby brush and forbidden places.
Coyote hunts and roams gathering the scent of his travels on his coat. Moving low and wiley into the sage brush and cedar, taking a roll on the damp earth, releasing musk to attract his kind. Patchouli and cedar to honor the ancient wisdom of coyote, and Rose to honor this light hearted trickster. Coyote reminds us to be wise, and to never take ourselves too seriously. Pink clay on our paws, and yarrow to nurture and heal. The resins, plant essence, and herbs used in the creating of this soap evoke these images on my journeys with Coyote.

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