Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Forward Momentum

Forward momentum is keeping me going, and making me much more productive, which obviously is the point. When you are no longer on a Corporate schedule. When you are responsible for setting and meeting your own guidelines, and deadlines it is daunting, but very freeing. My forward momentum is picking up speed of its own. I had a meeting with a new customer yesterday, to add my product to their Eco Boutique in their Yoga Wellness Center. This pleases me on every level, and shows me that if I just keep moving forward, and working passionately on what I love that I can make this work. There may be periods where I do not feel movement, but meditation, intent, and action, even the smallest action will keep me from the "stuckness". I am so excited about the Native Spirit Collection if you cannot tell. The last to pour is the illusive tricky Coyote. I started blending a few nights ago, and realized that I was much lower on Patchouli than I though. It is on its way, the blend waiting for its final essential oil. Once it is poured, I will unveil them to you, and make them an offering here on my blog. They will of course be in my online shop as well. Do you find it peculiar that I have this need to keep the shop and this blog seperate. I do find it peculiar. Perhaps I feel raw and vulnerable here, and there I am passionate and assured. Any thoughts on the matter? My husband/partner thinks that I am a little silly, you know the whole "worried what other people will think" mentality and that what makes my offerings special is this side of me. The raw, vulnerable, healing, wild woman in me, and that people should see and make that connection. Something for me to further ponder.

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