Friday, November 8, 2013

New Works Native Spirit

I am so very excited. I have been planning, and preparing for a new collection in my soap line. I have been planning since late summer. The making will begin next week when i return from festival. What am I working on you ask? It was important to me to create a line honoring the animal medicine that has been gently but profoundly guiding me on my journey. I wanted this to be an intuitive process and over the summer it became clear to me that this collection would be called "Native Spirit Collection" It would be a scent narrative or interpetation honoring what these animals represent to me, and honoring of the gifts they offer us, and Mother Earth. The animals I have chosen for this first series: BEAR RABBIT OWL COYOTE As soon as i made the decision, and these animals came to me, i immediately intuitively knew which plant essence, resins, and essential oils i would use for each, and what I wanted to capture. I blend intuitively, and i am by no means a master blender, but I think due to the intuitive and deep seated nature of my desire, it will work, and it will capture something beautiful. I will show my process which will be different than my normal process as every step and stage will be a journey of its own, with dreams, meditation, and sacred feminine touch.

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