Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The idea? The meaning for me is a blessing, a guide, a way of wanting to be in this world. To follow the guides we have been provided with. Such great teachers, when we try to quiet our minds and open our hearts and beliefs. I wanted to honor with a scent narrative. I wanted to create a tangible that each time I use the soap or smell the soap, it is a prayer, a thank you, a vehicle to take me back to that state of mind, which Bear lead me to the answer. Why soap, it is the medium I work in, and where a lot of my passion lies. The complex scent will evoke the spirit, strength, and grounding of Bear.
Bear exploration of wood, streams, and canyons evokes images and awakens the senses. Bear Blend will be infused with plant essence, resins, and infusions to honor the lessons of Bear. Oakmoss and Vetiver from the damp forest floor, and ancient cedar and fir scratching post trees to mark the ancient way. A healing infusion of Bear Medicine and courting gift of Osha Root (Bear Medicine) Bear digs up, and eats Osha Root, rubs her coast and offers as a courting gift to other Bears. Deep resinous Myrrh for an ancient remembering and knowing of purpose and courage. A grinding and blending of Blackberry, and honey to nurture. This blend is intuitive and i am excited.

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