Monday, February 27, 2012


I have thought about blogging over the last week, but I have been moody, uneasy, unsure, and not really able to decipher if it is hormonal, anxiety or something else. I think perhaps its the feeling you get when you have your feet in different worlds. I want to spend every moment working on my business, my soap, etc... There has been turmoil in my work life causing me to question the way it makes me feel, the knot in my stomach, the feeling that i am wasting time on the necessity of earning a living, vs. living with passion and doing what I love. The uneasiness of turning my passion into a full fledged business with all the trappings, but rewards of that. The sharing of that process with people I love, but sharing it all the same. I m sure it is a choice I can make, but I am not sure how at this point. I am happy with my life in general,just the things that are no longer fitting well that are causing some pains. I dont want to ignore them, I also dont want to dwell on them. I think I should continue to meditate and send my hopes and dreams out into the Universe and believe that the way will be created by my intent and desire.

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