Saturday, February 4, 2012


This has been a good, emotional weekend, Friday was a complete drain. When I wrote my post about digging deep, and Regret, I knew I was doing some internal cleaning house, some cleansing of my soul, painful and necessary, as I was blinded, and stifled by things that kept me paralyzed. I wont go into any detail, but I basically made a sweep of the things I cannot change, and that I will no longer allow to rule my life, for the most part dealing with trust, misconception, parenting, and fear. I was hurt when I asked a special person to me to please put my feeling aside and tell me how they feel, about how I hurt them, I sobbed I felt lighter, as did the other person. I then gave someone information that I had witheld from them in an effort to save them from pain, it caused them great pain, anger, than relief. I realized that it is not my job to protect those I love from pain, and emotional upset, it difficult, it is not my job, and I have no right to keep things from people I love. I feel light, more open, and ready I move to the next level. I was forgiven, and I forgave and accepted that I was not perfect, far from it. and regret, and guilt cannot rule my life from now on. I will try to keep myself in check on this point. I freed up a dark space, for some light. Universe I ask that you shine your illuminating, loving, accepting light into my embracing soul......

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