Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Birthday!!

I have never been a Big Birthday person. I have never liked the attention of it, even when I was younger, now I have the added angst of age to add to it. I am so glad that my daughters, and friends love their birthdays, and love to make a week long celebration of it. My 27 year old daughter has reveled in since her first birthday, as she got older, she carefully scheduled and planned a full week of activities with different family and friends, I think that is beautiful, glorius and fun. We should celebrate the day this journey began. I mean I dont hate it, I just dont really think that much about it for myself. This year, I am going to make it special for myself, I am going to honor that day, and all that has come sense. I have not quite figured it all out yet, but I will have my own little celebration. It will be February 8. So very soon. It's kind of funny, its a surprise for myself by myself, as I have not quite figured out what it will entail.

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