Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sacred Space

My sacred altar to Goddess is coming along. Candles to illuminate, and honor Goddess, Rose Quartz for my heart and the reflection and resonance of my love for all that I hold dear as a woman. Picture of my two beautiful daughters, now women....actually Goddesses in their own right....A Crystal harnessing...the healing power of the love and light I infuse into it with my intent and meditation. Offering to Goddess, of tobacco, lavender, and chamomile. My first attempt at a Spirit Doll creation. I actually smudged the altar with sage tonight because I physically held the Rose Quartz during some very heart wrenching moments when I needed my heart to be strong,a few days ago. I had such anguish in a moment of sadness that I was sure that the Rose Quartz I was holding was the recipient of that energy, just as I was the recipient of the strength of its energy of love in that moment. I wanted to cleanse the energy of the altar...

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