Monday, February 13, 2012



I have always had an attraction to dragonflies. I think a lot of people do. I have a real fondness for them, and apparently they to me...Since I was a child they would land on me, sometimes more than one, and stay for a long time, I was captivated by them. I would be on a float in the water...and several would land on my chest facing me, and just stay there for the longest time, other people noticed this as well. I was once in my yard, no where near water, and it was amazing there were literraly 100's of dragonflies in my yard, my neighbors even commented, becaused they were only in my yard.... I have since learned there are dragonfly people, and I suppose I must be one of them..and this was confirmed to me, when while meditating this weekened, I had a very strong experience with dragonfly and dragonfly medicine. It was amazing,and I actually wept during meditation. I was not attempting to journey as I have no real experience in that, but apparently dragonfly was waiting in that realm for me to come,and it was an amazing gift.... I understand that dragonfly was showing me energy and exchanging energy, as well as validating that we are all connected by energy...It was so real and so moving,dragonfly let me have his experience, pure joy....I asked Dragonfly to show me, what he wanted me to know, and thanked him when it was over. I understand that the Dragonfly represents many things, about illusion, and questioning ourselves with regard to whether we are living authentically... I hope dragonfly stays with me, and introduces me to other teachers, and continues to share his experience and spirit knowledge with me. Another wonderful thing that occurred after meditation is that I was trying to determine all the messages Dragonfly gave me, and wanted to know what dragonfly medicine generally means for most. I waited for a while in order to figure out as much for myself as I could, as I did not want to contaminate the information I received with someone elses interpetation. Once, I soaked it all in, and figured out what it meant to me. I went o the internet to search for Dragonfly Medicine, and I received another gift. I clicked on an interesting looking website, by Dragonfly Whisperer, with an amazing video, very uplifting messages, which I will share in my next post. I will attempt to attach the video here, but I have already added it to my facebook page. It made me cry all over again, because I felt Dragonfly took me there.

This is the video that Dragonfly led me to. Very powerful, especially coming out of the experience just moments before.

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