Saturday, December 28, 2013

Step into your Life

Yesterday I was cleaning my pantry and came across dried fruit that had gone stale. I thought the birds would enjoy it, so i flung it randomly in my yard. This morning after a sleepless night due to breathing problems,i rose just before day break with a fog hovering low across the golden field across from my home, and the leafless beauties standing like sleeping giants against the lavender gradation of winter sky I received a beautiful gift just as the sun crested, it was a flock of cardinals. I usually see one or two cardinals, but this morning at least a dozen, i have never seen this many brilliant ruby beauties in one place. They were cheerful and frenzied as the gobbled dried cherries, and other nourishment. My heart felt full, one of them landed on a limb close to my window, with the sun now illuminating it, as if to greet me, and I said thank you, thank you. The message that entered my mind " Get out of your head, and step into your life" It is clear to me that I have given too much power and time to guilt, resentment and sadness. I acknowledged those things, I have given them their time, their place, and now I need to move this life and heart forward. After this message from my Cardinal Friend. I looked to see what the Cardinal represented.
This is an internet image, i was too captivated to even think about my camera at the time. A balance of intuition, perseverance and strength, the cardinal is said to offer safe passage into the realm of personal power to realize one’s goals and dreams. The cardinal also represents passion and warmth as a totem symbol.


  1. that message is SO powerful
    "step into your life"
    what if all people did this?
    how different this broken yet blessed world would be

    happy 2014 sister
    I will see you on the trails

    love and light

  2. Thank you for encouragement, thank you for your love and light. Blessings