Friday, January 3, 2014

Word of the Year?

Happy New Year Everyone! Another chance, well as we know each day we wake is another chance. I am still trying to choose my word of the year. I am vacillating between Dream & Joy. I need some Joy big time this year, I need to get there, I just need to be there. Dream keeps coming up for me, in messages from journey, and friends, as well as a knowing that if I want to make this creative life work, I will need to live in that Dream. Dreaming, Day dreaming anyway has not been hard for me. I think it is natural. Joy on the otherhand, is rare and fleeting, perhaps if I can conjure up joy, it will be the motor that drives the dream. Hmmm! I am leaning more towards Joy, I would like to feel that more in my life instead of the rare occasion, and perhaps if I choose Joy, it will compel me to do more for others as well. Have you chosen your word??? I would love to hear.

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