Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finding my Joy

Joy was the word I chose for 2014. There are more that I want to live by, and work through for 2014 but living in joyful moments is necessary for me now. I need to find and acknowledge joy in even the most fleeting of moments, create joy. My goal is of course living in the moment, showing up. I will acknowledge here my joy in the small and not so small, as a prayer of gratitude. As I said in my last post, i am working on creating a healing, sacred, thriving space for myself and my home. It is my meditation room/office?? It is a work in progress, but right now the colors, and the pieces of things I treasure are giving me peace and Joy! That last pic is the before picture, of my gloomy office. I feel like i can breathe in here now, and i feel held in here. Still working on making it very special. I would love to see or hear about your sacred space, or you plans for a space. I think we can carve out any small space and just claim it, I plan on doing this around my home.

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