Friday, January 17, 2014

Healing Space

I have been obsessively creating my office/meditation space,and it is almost complete, well never really complete, but rather ready. Ready to nurture, heal, and hold me. Last night I participated in Sage Goddess online live full moon ritual, and what a treat for body and soul. The Wolf Moon was beautiful last night with a warm glow. I do believe however it was contributing to a lethargy and physical heaviness i was feeling yesterday and last evening, all week really, just pushing myself slow and steady with the help of DH to make my space right. I bathed in my primal sea detox clay, salts, kelp, essential oils. Drank lots of water, lit candles, incense, sage, and annointed with Lavender essential oil. I felt warm and embraced in my little healing space. The ritual with energetic and powerful, I believe the energy we shared created healing in each of us, and anyone in our thoughts, hearts, and spheres. I am coming along, my space is coming along, there are still things to do, and there always will be. I brought in things i had held onto that were waiting for a space, i painted my walls a vibrant yet warm green, with accents of turquoise. I bought what I refer to as "Groovy Buddha" at an estate sale a few days ago, when I saw my 60's 70's retro Buddha I thought I would paint him, but just cant, the thought and care someone putting into making this ceramic buddha that many years ago is sweet, with his orange peely paint, silver accents, for now he will remain unchanged. I still need to bring a rug, some special art, etc... but I will post a pic of where I am now on the process. The desk will get a remake, i am attempting to recreate the look of a zinc top, my office chair will get recovered in vintage burlap coffee sack, my mother is recovering my pouf. Coming along. Have you created your healing space?

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