Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Glimmers in the Darkness

These last couple of months have been rather dark ones, as you know if you have read my previous post. There has been grief, hope, reflection, releasing. I saw a glimmer in the dark a reinforcement that there is a light entering this dark room, the glimmer is what i have been concentrating my thoughts and efforts on, this glimmer is growing day by day, this light is coming through a door I am trying desperately to keep open. When I gazed at the moon the other night, in the black sky, just a small little orb that looked like a pinhole of light in that darkest sky, it resonated that glimmer, that light that is always in the deepest dark, I am not saying I was in the deepest dark, because I have been lower, and I know that there are so many souls dealing with such pain and horror that I cannot fathom, but to us all I think if we can try to believe that once we let go of the darkness of deep pain, we can focus on the possibility that the blindness of it can be lifted and we can hang on that glimmer, until it becomes a light that holds you in the warmth of hope. In any shortcoming, or failure I have I can handle in the end if I have an opening, a chance, a glimmer of hope.
This has been a very introspective calm Holiday for me this year, and while a little melancholic it feels good to choose this. I hope this Holiday is offering you big glimmers, and at the very least a tiny glimmer to latch onto. Wishing a Blessed Season for All.

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