Tuesday, December 17, 2013


That is what I feel lately, a stillness, not necessarily good or bad, but more the zen kind, aware of each breath, aware of each step, and feeling overwhelmed when I peak beyond that step, at a house that needs to be cleaned, and loose ends to tie. Stillness is what i can handle right now, no pressure on myself, because there is plenty of pressure without my giving any additional power. Just keep plugging along, checking in with my intuition. Making plans, taking even the smallest of actions toward that end, and calling it good, good for now. As long s i can do that, i will linger a bit longer in this stillness, Not to say i am letting myself off the hook, rather being gentle and understanding with myself, as long as there is movement, a forward momentum. I read something today, that I so needed to read by Hayley Sarah Here: http://www.hayleysarah.com/there-is-no-such-thing-as-forgiveness-only-understanding/ there is no such thing as forgiveness. only understanding. by Hayley Sarah on December 17, 2013 in on beyond, on bodies, on connection, on self love, stories life. she conspires with my heart and then says, ‘i see a fat blind spot, ready to be born’. and then she tests me. hard. heavy in the chest, explosive in spirit, reverberating angst through my being to see if it sticks. beliefs that don’t belong with me feel poisonous, but i was the one who drank them up to be taught this. (Very intense post you should read if it resonates) I suppose to sum it up in the most universal terms, i am taking one day at a time.

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