Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lazy Sunday

I have been lazy for several days, trying to stay in from the frigid cold, next to a fire, under a quilt, with hot beverage, naughty snacks with too much sugar, savory meals seeking comfort on every level. I did venture out yesterday for a show I was doing with product, i like this little show, I do it every year, and it is for a good cause. This year was difficult, ice, snow, it was difficult to wake very early, dress in layers and head out on an icy day, to go to a show, i knew would be a long one, with little activity, as i would assume most people were also seeking comfort in their homes. I am glad I did it though, I needed to shake off the cobwebs. Today, a day i promised myself would be another indulgent day of lying about as payment for being a trooper yesterday, and while it is a lazy sunday. It is also needs to be a creative day. I cannot end this day, another day, trolling the internet, looking at everyones beautiful art and prose, perusing Etsy, and that demon facebook, why oh why, anyway. I realize that especially when I need to give my mind and my heart a rest, i look at everyone elses lives, and look for distractions, in the mean while, my little projects dreamt up over the last year, sit on a shelf. The internet is a wonderful thing, for connection, and information, but it is a distractor. I am just playing this afternoon, I will finish a tiny project I have been thinking about for a while. Little "dream keepers" I want to make. Altered art, as it were. in my most novice way, special to me none the less. Steve busy making another vintage style sideshow banner. A day of making adds a special energy to a home, dont you agree? The day will end, with me filling Etsy orders, I am so grateful for those, not just because it helps finance the life I am trying to create, it supports my dream, it reinforces that what I am doing means something and has value. I will also step outside myself and engage in a few random acts of kindness. The best medicine, i think for restlessness and a bit of wallowing. Hope you are having a cozy, blessed season.

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  1. Oh this is what winter is all about isn't it
    we had snow this week so we have really cuddled in
    and when we go out we bundle up like Eskimos...I love it

    peace to you sister
    love and light