Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Medicine Bag & Rose Quartz

I have been so extremely busy, in a good way over the last few weeks. Developing new natural products for my line, and travelling to Round Top Warrenton. If you are unfamiliar that will need a post of its own. It is basically a twice a year 2 week event of vendors, art, antiques, crafts, food, junk etc... spanning 3 towns and is pretty much world famous among purveyors of such.... We went because Steve was setting up there with our Art, junk, and body products, I went to see him, and choose a more fitting space for our debut of product there in September 2012, which we did acomplish, had some really wonderful experiences, and met some really great people as we always do, Steve my hubby experiences this life, as I want him to, I wish I could do the Gypsy thing full time, but for now it is the cubicle...Several interesting things happened which i will blog about in the near future, but namely, I have been wanting a medicine bag for many months now, I saw many, and contemplated making my own, but I had an idea in my head that I wanted a man I met over a year ago named Hans to make my bag, he does wonderful leather work, and he is one of the most amazing gentle souls I have ever met. I had no real way to get in touch with Hans, I didnt have his cell, and he is on the road alot. and lives several hours from me. I kept thinking I would be patient and I would meet him again, keep in mind, I mentioned the largeness.... of this show, many thousand vendors, and tens of thousands of people. My first trip there, on the first day, I was walking in one of the fields, when low and behold, there he was....Hans...what are the odds. I hugged him we caught up, and I set about choosing the bag that spoke to me, and it did, the perfect bag. I bought the bag, and put white sage and rose quartz in it, i will let it and my heart choose the contents over time....I am really drawn to Rose Quartz, I didnt used to be, but it wants to be in my life, and I now have an afinity for it...I mean I would by an antique box, and find rose quartz etcc... I have many pieces now, and none of them have I purchased, they just found there way to me. I cant ignore that....So while at Round Top, I met a new friend my hubby made, he had a lot of amazing things, fossils, gems, stones, shells, sage..... He had rose quartz carved in the shape of a heart.... I picked the perfect one, that really spoke to me. I took it home, and held it, rubbed it, imagined it illuminated with God Light, and while holding it, I had a thought that I was to give this quartz to my friend. I didnt know why, and was resistant because I really liked it. I told Steve I feel like I am supposed to give this to her, but I dont know why...She is American Indian, but she has no real belief in things like the healing properties of Rose Quartz....I came back to work after my trip, I asked her if she like Rose Quartz, she did not know what it was, which also made me hesitant in giving it to her, she loves pink though,haha. anyway....I went home and held it in my hands, I actually felt my heart pulsing in to the Rose Quartz it was amazing. I came back to work, and she told me about a very traumatizing event that occurred with her family, she was extremely upset, heartsick, humiliated... It has caused a huge casm in her marriage and family relationships, I could see now why I was supposed to give her the Rose Quartz.... even though conciously I had no idea before. I have now given her the crystal and told her of its abilities. I told her to keep it next to her heart, under pillow or in her hand. She is in extreme distress over these matters of the heart, and I am hopeful that this powerful little stone will give her comfort. I know it wants to, it wanted to go to her...Another good sign, when I gave it to her is that she put it in her bra next to her heart, lol! So amazing...mineral spirit at work....

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