Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I had a most interesting Tarot Reading from Steve. It is always so on, and the Empress always shows up. It was very deep, and moving, it elluded to the fact that a birthing is taking place, that I am in the womb, and soon I will face Persephone, and will come to the edge of what that entails, and will soon know what my purpose is, she will come to me in a vision, dream, or life changing experience, and there will be no doubt at that point what the creation of this birthing is....very deep, a little unsettling, but that is what this journey is about, as though I am a pioneer heading off into the frontier of my soul, and my connections, to reach even further the level of conciousnesness I seek. It appears there may be some more beasties to deal with on this journey...I will be courageous and know the the path, and pain or joy associate is parcel and part, a necessity, and maybe a reward....and on a lighter note, but just as exciting it appears that perhaps the growth of my creative baby, will grow as well....success and enlightenment on the road that lays before me...I will walk into the darkness knowing that the road of God's love and light rise up to meet me....

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