Monday, April 16, 2012

OIL Pulling

Oil Pulling, is said to have many, many benefits, too many to list but basically, as I am sure most of you know...Oil pulling is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years in India, for organ health, mouth health etc...You may pull with many types of oil, sesame, olive, coconut, etc... You take a tablespoon, into your mouth preferably on an empty stomach when you rise, swish, the oil in your mouth and between your teeth for 10-20 minutes, this can be difficult the first few times, but if you distract yourself, shower, computer, tv it is much easier. Spit the oil out in a waste basket or toilet, because it will clog your sink. The purpose of oil pulling is to enter your system sublingually, (under your tongue) without being denegrated by your stomach acid. It is said to you many benefits for your glands, organs,joints (arthritis) and mouth/teeth. It is important that you do not swallow the oil, due to the toxins it is pulling out of your mouth and system.

I will document my experience with Oil Pulling. I started Oil Pulling (4) days ago. What I have noticed is a signifigant decrease in tooth and gum sensitivity, teeth and mouth feel very clean (oil dissolves tartar on your teeth) I am please with that aspect, as my tooth sensitivity since getting a root canal has been very bothersome. I will keep you posted.

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