Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Tare Bear

I have many animals that I share my life with. Some I have had, and some I have inherited from my aunts. My aunts rescue animals, and are strong animal advocates. I now have the privelege of caring for and loving these angels. I do believe that they are angels, I believe they are closer to God then humans. They are pure, giving, loyal, I could go on, and on.... One of my dogs, I call Tare Bear is a cow dog, I inherited her when she was 13, she is now 16. Tare Bear is very special, she is (was) as playable as a pup, always had a smile on her face, always greeted me in the morning. She was happy, and loyal every single day of her life, I aspire to be more like her. My (Our) sweet Tare Bear turned 16 years old this week, and with that, the love I hoped would pass gently, has been struck with an ailment, which is not improving. She still eats, and still wants to give and receive affection. Last evening, she could barely move. Tare Bear eats only dog food, and gets an occasional treat, but last night, as her days are truly short, and it is her birthday week, she received grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and a blueberry muffin, she scarfed them down, as I stroked her fur, and affirmed to her... as I always do, that she is an incredible dog, and being, and so loved... I am somewhat new to animal medicine, but anyone who has read my blog, should realize that this is the path that speaks to me. I felt compelled to ask for help from my animal guides, animal spirit, and their medicine. I got my sage, my feather, my rose quartz. I sat next to Tare and I held the Rose quartz to my body and visualized infusing it with my love, with light, with a picture of how i have come to love her, see her, at her best and most healthy, the sweet moments..... I placed the Rose Quartz in her water bowl... I saged her, as I asked animal spirit to be with me, to please show Tare the highest esteem, and love. To cloak her in warm light of love, to take away any pain and fear she may be feeling, to honor I was asking this, I cried as I heard Coyotes nearby start if acknowledging that they heard my plea and prayer....Again I am new to a full embrace of medicine. I touched my smudging feather to Tare, and for some reason, I wanted her to breathe her essence on it. I went inside, and immediately I was exhausted and felt sick... I smudged myself and went to sleep....I can say goodbye, tearfuly, but knowing that she understands, what she means, what it means... and I hope one day....I can embody her wonderful spirit....I love you Tare....keep smiling...

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