Thursday, January 24, 2013


When reviewing, my life, my needs, my post they center around balance, and the potential disruption of that, how to step outside the bubble but maintain balance all the same. I find it is intriguing that the very thing that has helped me feel connected also challenges my balance. I have felt this for a while, since I first began my journey on a conscious level. I would not be at the point I am at without wonderful connections, and finding wonderful wild women on line, generously sharing their journey, offering guidance, and making me not feel crazy or alone, the flip side of this is the fact that at times I feel stuck and limited.

I really hate writing that, but it strikes me that many of the blogs and books I read and conversations I have lead me to realize that this is not an issue that I alone deal with. I have seen bloggers and friends on their journey seeing what great magic and medicine is being spun by their sisters and while completely inspiring, it sometimes makes them question their own journey, I get this sense. I will see an excitement, a whisper, a new found confidence, a plan spoken to the world, and then a pulling back, a quietening. A desire sometimes verbal sometimes not, that watching and listening to someone else's magic has made them question their own.  That they realize that they are not listening to their own voice anymore.

That is the delicate balance I suppose. To stay connected, and engaged, but at the same time following your own muse, and knowing that your magic is just as big, and is necessary for the collective whole.

So I guess let a bear be a bear, and an owl be an owl....and keep being your own animal with its own wild sacred nature.

Sorry if this is a jumble of a thought, just an observation, and something I have to gauge and honor in myself.

Does anyone else feel this way? or have tools, they use to stay true to their own magic while being awe struck with someone elses?    


  1. love this post. I am evolving at great speed it seems lately, and releasing all who are not connected with my energy...I seem to be growing comfortable in my own skin, rather than changing.
    I think once we find our own momentum, then our muse, our guides and the universe fall into place to support us.

    1. Lovely when that happens. you seem to be on a wonderful path.

  2. yes, i believe this is a big issue in the online world especially. there are so many voices filling our heads. and so much easier to stumble into amazing people, or ordinary people doing amazing things, that we find self-doubt.

    it's good that we question ourselves and our paths. that we find ourselves pushed to dig deeper or reach higher. but yes, we need to always hear our own voice first. to remain our own animal - excellent analogy.

    that's why stepping back, unplugging, on a regular basis is essential i think.

    1. I agree, unplugging is essential, but sometimes difficult when you seek that connection. I love the work you have been doing on your blog, great textiles, love your meditative quality to them.