Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I recently had a very meaningful journey while meditating. It resulted in my offering this writing to GAIA for the New Year. With a hope that we will all embrace her, and free ourselves to the wild beautiful.


She steadies her strong once lush abundant forest legs.

Ancient Father Cedar and brother Oak reaching up and outward, they know, they have seen, and see
but do not understand being laid bare.

The undulating of her belly and womb of primal sea pulsating and flowing, teaming with life, first life, only now polluted.

Sternum, chest, breast, strong shoulders of mountainous ranges. Sensual, magical majestic carrying the weight and joy of harsh and wild beautiful. Speaking to those who will not hear.

Face and nape of stretching, burning, blowing gypsy desert. Moving, shifting ancient knowing, but falling on deaf hearts and minds.

Her dreaming mind full of celestial imaginings, in clouds, stars and such. The same mind and heart that grieves of painful demise, and rebirth over millenia.

Her beloved human children have separated from her bosom and have lost the knowledge and love that she is.

The beloved have forgotten to be still with the trees, to be free like the desert sand and wind.

The beloved have forgotten the lesson of strength and wisdom taught by the mountain and being birthed by stardust and sea.

The mother laments, but the mother  knows that it will begin once again like many times before. The rebirth the renewal, another chance for the beloved's to love, dwell, be and know.

(I am an amateur writer, and this is my simple humble offering to our Mother)


  1. Such beautiful words - thank you for sharing and I will join in your prayer for us all
    to wake and remember Gaia.

    1. Thank you Kathy for visiting my little blog.