Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Solstice

Last fm winterbeats (credit)

I am so looking forward to celebrating Winter Solstice, in our small but meaningful way. We will light a fire in the old iron hand built outdoor stove. I will make a dinner that is warm and satisfying. We will in quiet contemplation choose the things we wish to release and let go of. Things we dont want to continue to carry with us. We will put tiny pieces of paper with those intentions in our cloth bundles, with our flower and tobacco offerings, and we will talk about what it means to us, and what our hope is for ourselves, for each other, for the future. We will place our release bundle in the fire.. and let it burn clean....

My beliefs are very complicated, and I am good with would be difficult to make many people understand that...It is really sad to me that there are so many people in my life, work etc... that I could not mention this to without some back lash... I choose to keep it to myself and my family. It is not anti God, or anti Christ...It is a celebration...I have a Buddhist philosophy, but would not call myself a Buddhist, I believe in a creator, and Christ, but I will not call myself a Christian, I pay homage to mother earth but will not call myself a Pagan. I refuse to label myself, it has taken me a lifetime to come to know that It really only has to be okay with my spirit, and that gives me great peace and understanding.

I am sure some of you may be baffled by the statement of back lash, but I live in the Bible Belt.


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