Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning, Like no other

I suppose I have staved this off for longer than many. My daughters are 22 and 28 years old. Neither are married or have children. Even though they live on their own, I always make them come over Christmas Eve, and spend the night, so we can celebrate Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning and make our family rounds.

My older daughter Setara now has a fiance and a new home, she lives in Texas but they travel to Los Angeles to spend time with his family for 10 days over Christmas and New Years.

My youngest daughter, just has a busy lifestyle so we Celebrated our Christmas on Sunday. This is the first Christmas that I have woken up, to a dark quiet house with no plan, no excitement, no activity. Dont get me wrong it sounds depressing, but it is just different. I suppose these are usually the gaps filled in by grand children, i have not been in a hurry for them, but I am sure for some this quiet can get deafening. I dwell and revel in the quiet, but there is indeed a touch of sadness this morning...

But I will not do guilt, or sadness, as a mother can, I will do joy, and open arms and do what is right for you always.

A storm rolled in over night, all night....I think a blast of cold and perhaps snow will follow.

I may not always be the compass for my loves, but I will always be their rock.

This will be a self care Christmas I believe...


  1. This post resonates with me....I can identify. For the first time ever, my 16 year old daughter slept in ....actually woke up AFTER the sun rose. It was definitely different. She knew everything she was getting for xmas, she picked it out before hand as I have stopped trying to guess what the teenage hatching wants for xmas. It was quiet...low key I felt a different sort of tradition being born. We both are sick with colds, so we just spent the day eating xmas cookies and watching movies. Cheers to our daughters growing up and things changing. Peace and Merry everything!