Saturday, December 22, 2012

Release Renew

We had a wonderful time last evening with our Winter Solstice tradition. Steve built a fire in the old outdoor iron stove. Dinner chili, corn cakes, and wine.  We wrote down the things we wanted to let go of, and not drag with us into the new year.  My bundle was smaller this year, is that a good thing?  Red bundles, full of intentions, with offerings of chamomile sage and tobacco. wrapped with hemp twine. My mother, Steve and I. Each talked about our hopes, our fears, our goals, our releasing...and placed them into the fire, with a prayer to the universe...

I have to be honest, it is so strange, on the Solstice, I start getting excited in the morning, a euphoric feeling. Like this time, the morning was just breaking, on the horizon of trees in black, with a sliver of orange behind them, to greet the gray blue, I immediatly thought of that Cat Stevens Song, which is actually an old Scottish hymal "Morning has Broken"

I am euphoric throughout the day, and every year I come home, and the energy in my home is all wrong, not normal, charged with frustration and anxiety. Steve and I both, something will happen, an aggravation with what should be simple task, a is really odd, and I cant seem to figure it out, it is like a culmination before the release...because I tell you, it all ceases, and normal calm returns when we start to fill our bundles.. Maybe it is everything rising in us that we are thinking of letting go of.. It just happens each time, and appears to be more than just coincidence. Just (2) of my many pups to snuggle with.



  1. happy solstice to you and yours. xo thank you for stopping by my blog.

    1. Happy Solstice to you. I love your shop, and great blog.