Friday, September 21, 2012

Journeying with Animal Medicine

I have touched on my journeying in the past, so some of this may be repetitive, but I have chosen to share my very personal journeys in the hopes that this will resonate with some who share this and will show others that this is a gift to us all, that we can all access this divine knowledge to help guide us and re assure us. I am no authority, but it has proven to be a sacred part of my own journey. I have several Journey experiences that i will share over time, weekly along with the Alchemy Journal of Healing.  I welcome any comments, questions or suggestions.

The Alchemist Healer Journey of Awareness:

The process of Journeying is something I have only learned over the past few months, but it has become a piece of true magic in my life. The help and guidance of animal spirit is always there for all of us to use and access at any time, with the open mind, heart and intention.

I will not go into all of the ins and outs of journeying as I am a novice and there is wonderful information in books and online regarding Shamanic Journeying Techniques. Sandra Ingerman is an Icon and has amazing information especially for the beginner.

I did not write my journeys down until now. They were so personal, I would share them with my husband and some with my mother, but I realized for myself I need to document with a journeying journal of sorts, and maybe one day seeing the culmination of the gifts I receive will be a gift to another soul, and me. 

Journeying is strange really, as Sandra Ingerman says, as well as a known shamanic belief: Animal, plant & Mineral spirit, are always present, they appreciate acknowledgement and are here to share and serve.

I have only experienced Animal Spirit with regard to the actual journeying process, although I have had touching experiences with plant spirit. This is my documentation of a very important part of my journey.    

You must always ask to use Animal Medicine, and show gratitude once it is shared.

Journey 1. My first experience was really mind blowing.  I actually started out with meditation, I was anxious to journey but had convinced myself I was not ready to do this. My heart, spirit and sub conscious mind had a different idea, and knew that the door was open and the path was ready, which became evident, when while in my meditation, I realized I was above a Japanese Garden, looking down on it, cherry blossoms, paths, water, it was so ethereal and beautiful. A dragonfly basically for lack of a better word let me use its body or vice versa, yes I am saying for a time I was that Dragonfly, like I said mind blowing. While in a meditation state, I felt myself moving my arms and head, moving with the dragonfly movements.  It was sublime. I learned quickly that I could see the energy and essence of everything. I saw a human and a light energy around him; I swooped down and danced in his energy, actually absorbing it. It was pure ecstasy. I wondered if the dragonfly was in my human body, when I was in his body.  

I then saw a child and again gently landed on him. He was in amazement, he giggled and could not believe I landed on him, he stared at me intently, at my beauty, he was in awe, I could feel it, and I actually wept.  

Dragonfly Medicine was powerful and opened a door for me into the other non-ordinary realm, and made me understand that I could have these experiences. True Magic.

Dragonfly Medicine- I learned that we are all made up of light and energy, and that we are all truly connected by that, and it is truly magical the interwoven perfect connection that can sustained our spirits, our beings.

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