Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alchemist Journal


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BODY ALCHEMY- Oil Pulling with Grape Seed Oil. I will likely alternate my oils between Grape Seed, Coconut Oil & Sunflower Oil.  .

What is my goal- Holistic treatment of my body with the purpose of clearing bacteria, fungals, and any disease that may reside in my body?  I have suffered with chronic allergies and sinusitis for years, and now I have Bronchitis that continues to hang on, and is not completely eliminated with antibiotics.   I have had low energy and bloating for years. I have actually had people ask me when my baby was due, because I carry all of my weight in my stomach. I suspect Candida, and will make a full effort to eliminate this from my body.  I have practiced this briefly before but stopped.  It is difficult to deal with die off, especially if you are someone that has a lot of bacteria/toxins etc… to clean from your body. I am hoping in a week’s time I will feel good.  The first few days are rough due to detox and die off.  My head felt hollow and aching, my sinuses were heavily congested, and my eyes were burning and watering. I know this sounds terrible, but I have been walking around feeling terrible, and accepting it. No longer will I do this, and if a few days of intense not feeling good??? Will help me reach my goal, I am in. Not everyone experiences these die off symptoms, but if you have a lot of toxins to get rid of in your body, you will likely feel worse before you feel better.

 I will keep you posted on my progress. I can tell you that an immediate pro to oil pulling is that your mouth and teeth feel amazingly clean, and look healthy and white. They recommend holding and swishing the oil in your mouth for 15 or 20 minutes, I have been doing 10 minutes and will work my way up, but it is effective, for me anyway.

What is Oil Pulling? I think this site has the most comprehensive explanation: Which states: oil pulling or oil swishing, is an ancient Ayurveda simple natural remedy procedure that involves pulling or swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita where it is called Kavala Gandusha or Kavala Graha and is claimed to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma. Oil pulling has risen from an incomprehensible, ancient Ayurvedic natural remedy technique to an effective self-help nature cure method for restoring and maintaining overall health. The effect of this healing process is developed by the intense movement of oil in the oral cavity. In many chronic disorders and germ-play and inflammatory foci, which tend to stick to the tooth roots. The teeth and their roots extend far into the jaw bone and their cavities. These cavities are the body's own defense system. Microbes that enter the tooth necks in these cavities found in this damp, warm and poorly vascularized environment, the ideal conditions in order to establish itself. It developed what are known as "dental foci" that damage the body with their metabolic products. The immune system is weak, then the herd size and load. Larger lesions are radiographically visible, they not only damage to the teeth and cross-charge your metabolism and the immune system, but rather they also have remote effects on internal organs. Loaded so that each tooth hob tooth a specially assigned to internal organ.

Healthy Eating and Hydration -  

Mind/Spirit Alchemy:  Meditation and Mantra.  I take the opportunity on my drive into work in the morning from the country into the City to turn my radio off, and meditate with Mantra. Basically, I pray and give myself positive affirmation. I claim my blessings from the Universe from God.  This morning I decided to do the hard thing and pray for someone I did not necessarily want to pray for.  It was difficult, but I had to take the act out of it, I had to view this person as a body, and spirit made in God’s image and connected to me and all of us in the fabric of this Universe. This person, whom I have never met, did a heinous thing. I thought If I could learn to pray for those that I have found disgust or anger for, then I have nourished my soul and my God Self as well as theirs. I have added love light and energy to that person, and the fabric as a whole. For truly if a person commits a terrible act they do indeed need Gods love and light to manifest in their lives to open their eyes and hopefully prevent further heinous acts.  I prayed and prayed, and I felt lighter for it. In fact every person I saw on the street, I mentally sent them Gods Love Light and Energy multiplied by a thousand. Everyone I saw. I felt elevated.  My mantra for myself is that I am blessed, thankful, healthy and prosperous. I prayed that God would use me and work through me and manifest in my life today and every day.   That I would have connections, and share the energy love and light.  A message came to me that if I indeed want to heal myself; I have to look outward as well. I have to be engaged and connected and give of myself, and then my true healing will begin. This has been an issue for me. When I feel badly physically, or mentally I go inward, and what I am learning is that this will never provide healing. It will alienate you from others. It will block you from giving and receiving healing energy from others and from God Source. I have to learn to open and go outward, even if that is not what I want to do when I at my lowest. I have to change the conversation that goes in my head, which is not from God Source.  I have to move into the vibration and frequency of love and healing. I will embrace and embody Goddess and the Sacred Feminine.

Tonight I will be attending Energy Healing. Virginia the teacher/healer is amazing. She has healed herself. She has offered to share her wonderful gift with me, and I will make it a priority to learn from this teacher.    

I will share that experience here as well…. Love and Light to you Soul Lights

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