Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Alchemist Journal

I touched on my Alchemy journey previously, my path to finding or should I say uncovering the Alchemy to create balance for myself in mind body and spirit. I have not written much about it here, but I have been keeping a written journal. I am trying to decide if I will post it here in its entirety, or start a dedicated blog to that. The Alchemy Journal deals a lot with nutrition and making discoveries for my intuitve healing. I guess I am corcerned that it may be even more self serving than anything other feeling or insights I have previously written about. It is dry, and I dont want to bore anyone, but this blog is about my journey, I feel warmed and validated by knowing that occasionally someone reads and or comments on the blog.  On that note I will start publishing my Alchemic Journal the real the raw and I am sure to some mind numbingly boring. Believe me I would even welcome that type of comment feedback, so I can consider moving that information to another venue. I guess my hope is connection, and feedback, and hopefully my journey will resonate with someone else out there.

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