Friday, June 21, 2013

Solstice and Vulnerability

One definition: capable of being physically or emotionally wounded.  In turn I would stand to reason that when one is vulnerable and allows one self to be wounded, that great transformations can be achieved. 

Just had a wonderful solstice journey with generous Pixie Campbell dealing with access point and crown chakra. I felt my head tingling, a peeling away, a blooming of lotus, an expansion of crown. A nakedness, a connected-ness with the power of women, dancing naked, individually, and in unison, across the surface of the earth with sun beaming, and holding us up for our acknowledgment and gratitude. Dancing in forest, no one spoke, but i could see their faces, and then we were all the same, as we truly are. Real vulnerability must be present for connection to occur in my life. 

Happy Summer Solstice to you light beams. 

This week has been heavy, and long, i am weak, i am tired, i am loved. My body and mind are spent taking care of two very ill loved ones, no sleep, but i chose to honor this day, in my own way wrapped in my quilt, dark room, candles lit, and journeying to Pixies Tank Drum. 


  1. love love love
    I am happy to be able to access your blog again
    for the last little while i was unable to do so...

    the seven days/seven journeys was so amazing!!

    what a week that was

    hope those who were ill around you are making their way back to health and I hope the weekend renewed you

    love and light

    1. Hi Cat, yes I am up and running again. So happy to get your comment. I was not able to do all of the journeys as i wanted, but as exhausted as i was, i felt i must celebrate the soltice, and what a perfect way to do so. It was spectacular, i think from all of the unbelievable divine female energy.

      Yes they are finally recovering. Thank you.