Sunday, June 2, 2013


This is what I desire in my life.  In all ways. My meditation lately has been on opening myself wide open with the light of that. The claiming of that. It is not easy, but it is time. Not just abundance, but connection, and open heart, an open mind to give and receive the light of others in an effortless way, like food for the soul. This weekend we are set up at a show with our body products which i am passionate about, and so invested in. I knew that i had to shrug off the cloak hanging around me lately if I intended to connect with people, and let them see my light and passion. Otherwise there really is no point. It was very effective, my meditation, and visualation. My intention as it were. I felt alive and lit up like 10,000 candles burning bright. My connections were meaningful, some had a lot to do with my creations, and some had nothing to do with them, and I want that to be what it is about, not just financial abundance, but abundance of spirit. It was bouncing back to me all day, even in the sweltering heat.

Meditation/Prayer is so key, it makes my life make sense, and something I need to do more often. Steve and I are at such odd places in our lives, and I suppose it has a lot to do with age, and what you will and wont accept in your life, nothing major, just peeves that no longer seem acceptable. Meditation has helped me with this, I want my marriage to stay strong, it is stressed right now, because on occasion things are contrary to what i need in my life because of two strong personalities. Feeling like i am backing up and giving in to my Leo Man.

I have decided that even though I am clear on what I desire for myself and my relationship, we are two people who want what we want, and need what we need, but to make things work compromise of the highest degree is in order. When I meditate I open myself up for compromise, and a way of being with my partner that serves us both, and he has made a commitment to do the same.

So Abundance is my wish, my prayer, my goal, my intention, and Abundance it shall be.  Wishing you much Abundance of every fashion in your journeys.

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