Friday, February 8, 2013


At the moment, while embracing this quiet reflective meditative seed planting time I find great comfort in small things. This is what self care looks like for me at the moment

1. Books- Women who run with the Wolves, read slowly and sporadically as needed like a good dose of wild medicine. In the middle of  The Alchemist by Coehlo, and when that is finished I will move onto the Dance of the Dissident Daughter.
2. Music- Deep and Soulful to the bones.
3. Romance watching my husband in art creation mode, he is illuminated and there is nothing sexier
4. Movies- Beast of the Southern Wild
5. Medicine for the Soul- Pixie Campbell's January Soul Lodge and a meaningful journey with Grand Mother Bear.
6. Body Medicine- Long Hot baths with my homemade bath de-tox, herbs and vitamins, green smoothies, and soon very soon, a journey for the body to gather strength, and be fully fit. Good Food.
7. Meaningful Connections

I turned 48 years old today, and this old Aquarius embraced this day. The Crone is making my heart wiser and my intuition stronger.

What is giving you comfort these days???


  1. Happy Birthday!! - serendipity my fellow Aquarius- my birthday was Jan. 31st and very close to 48....speaking of meaningful connections, I am grateful for your friendship and promise to get over here more often.
    Love the list - and I also find comfort in books, books and more books!

  2. Happy Birthday. I love being a quirky Aquarian.

  3. I love your list...sounds most wonderful! I have just turned 52 and find that I am loving it. Hope you had a happy birthday!

    1. Thank you Kathy. I am just really learning to embrace it.