Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last evening I re visited some of Dr. Dyer's messages, one of them being that if you wake in the middle of the night or early morning, you should make yourself get up, at least put your feet on the floor. It is in those moments, in that quiet before dawn breaking that the messages can be felt and heard, the answers clearer, where writing and creativity and can be pure.  I woke this morning at 3:20 am My asthma issues were not letting me sleep. I got up thinking about what he said. Bleary eyed, I made steeped fresh ginger to soothe. I grabbed my journal, and my pen, and had but one thought "Speak to me" The pen took over from there, I was writing, but it was more my heart, and my hand, my brain was still in a fog. I wrote I closed my journal, finished my tea and lay on the couch in and out of sleep.

All day at work I thought, I cant wait to get home and see what I wrote, odd huh! Anyway nothing really earth shattering, really. I wrote it below, just as I wrote it with spirit, heart, and a mind not fighting it.

Picture I took of flowers on a tree/bush in the lush forest of The Smoky Mountains. 

A Pre-Dawn Whispering

Speak to me 

Oh gentle one, Oh pure one 
speak to me on the wings of dawn
as night takes its flight away and beyond 

Speak to me of sacred dreams and sacred
knowledge and ancient ones. 

Speak to me so that I may know the Millenia
of love that resides in my every breath and cell

Speak to me 

Thank you Creator 
for speaking with me, to me , in me about 
Love & Light. 

Have you had any Whisperings that inspired you lately?  I would love to hear.

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