Monday, May 14, 2012

Sacred Space

Steve & and I had a working vacation of sorts. We have been working diligently on our natural body products, and occasionally we do a show to sell our goods, and network for perspective wholesalers, so maybe just maybe one day i can leave the glory of my corporate job, in my cubicle. We particularly wanted to do this show because it is a location near and dear to our hearts, Bolivar Peninsula Texas Coast. We brought our kids here, spent many a romantic evening here, and even got married on the beach, as the full moon was rising and the purple orange sun was setting. We know its not the most beautiful beach, but it speaks to our spirits. As Steve was surf fishing I took a long walk down the beach, and as the waves lapped at my feet, I giggled, I was transported there immediately, there was my 6 year old (now 22) building her sand castle covered head to toe, rolling around, and then jumping fearlessly into water, she would even want to go in at night, my 13 year old (now almost 28) trying to look cool, in her little too revealing bathing suit. I laughed out loud, and cried at the same time. I remembered standing there, with our family around staring into each others eyes, exchanging those vows next to the sacred salty mother. I have chosen lately to see the magic in every day, and that day, an old friend, a sacred spirit, gave me the gift, of touching my skin with her gentle wave, and saying hey, remember that day, remember that feeling, that energy that you left here on me, and I saved it for you.... The beauty of that magic. The magic that I get to have this human experience in such a tangible yet unimaginable way, and I thanked her for the gift that she has given me and my family throughout the years, and I asked her to share our energy with all who walk there.

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