Monday, December 26, 2011


I was finally able to upload my photos from the Winter Solstice Release. I can almost breathe, I feel like I have been in the car for day's. I really dreaded it this year, I am so down with the commercial driven holiday, but it was really great! My sister is finally happy and knows for the first time at 40 what real love feels like. A Lovely Christmas Eve dinner with her and the new guy in her life after a traumatic year for her, and her children, so very content. We stood at the kitchen island heaping with shrimp and crab legs, and had a lovely feast. Christmas Day was spent with my husbands family, unfortunately after a competetive mountain bike excursion between my husband and his two brothers which ended in a trip to the emergency room for my brother in law, and a hospital stay, it was still a very warm enjoyable Christmas. I think I convinced myself that it would be a drag, because I have for so long let my family and friends try to get me wrapped up in buying tons of gifts, and I have always wanted something more meaningful, I stayed true to myself for the first time in a long time, and made almost every gift, which was not too difficult because I make soap and other natural body products. They were very pleased and I truly felt that i was giving of myself and not my bank account this year. I have noticed however that most people I know were becoming a little more introspective, It likely has something to do with the economy, but I think as much to do with the Spiritual Shift that is now occurring as we head toward the new energy of 2012. My husband and I are usually very private but we have shared more of our goals and our dreams for our lives, and spirit, and some have been taken aback and made light of it. I dont need for them to understand, but it gives me great comfort knowing that so many are feeling the pull that I am feeling and not ignoring the call any longer. Pixie Campbell has a wonderful website under Coyote and is one of the treasures I have stumbled upon. So many wonderful women, my gift to myself going into 2012, will be participating in her Soulodge. Love Light and Peace.

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