Wednesday, August 3, 2011

While No One Was Watching

Wow, (6) months since my last post. Life is really odd, and too wierd for words sometimes. Mine anyway. The dilemna possibly, is that sometimes, the things in my life have nothing to do with Simple Living, or making, sometimes, it's very unexpected and complex. Is it better to stay off subject privately, and not post, or post it because it is signfigant. To catch up, perhaps another day. I have made my soap, body butters, hand balms, and I love them, I have done a couple of shows, developed packaging and my company name. I am very proud of the product, but need to step up production. I obtained to wonderful little buddies, a male pygmy goat, and a male dwarf nigerian goat, sweet, sweet sweet. Who knew goats had so much personality and affection.

I have 2 now, but I am ready for more, maybe a female, we are taking our time, I dont want to have a full fledged breeding herd. Planted my garden late, but I am getting some really beautiful squash, now come on tomatoes, and bell peppers. I will be lucky to get anything, with over a month of 100 + days. In my next post, I will be discussing : Limoncello, Lemon Curd, and Craiglisting efficiently.

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