Thursday, August 11, 2011


My life has been a little surreal as of late, but in a good way, I think!. My baby and I are pretty private people. Our home is our sanctuary, and we rarely have people over. We decided that we have to be more social, dont get me wrong, we like being around people, for the most part, but we dont really entertain. My baby is the life of a party, he is a light ball of energy that lights up the room, and people gravitate to it like a moth to flame, I am the balance of that in the calm, quiet, introverted one. We are opposites, but it works. Again, as I do most times, I digress. We recently met some new friends, believe me it has been a while. It is really too long and complicated, but we just havent made couple friends, even though we have been married for over 12 years, because I think we are so different from each other, that actually finding a couple that we both click with is very difficult. My baby met some very interesting people a few months ago,while out of town at a trade show, and he really hit it off with them. They are now at our home, because they do trade shows as well and wanted to try some in our area, we invited them to stay at our place and plug in their RV. We have plenty of space in the country. It has been amazingly rewarding to connect to these two very unusual lovely people, very good guest. She is Russian, and a gypsy at the moment, she is a very talented pianist, and singer, composer, she has toured and performed in concert halls, and taught college. He is very energetic, innovative, creative, funny, guy. She brought her piano to store in our house, while she stays with us and looks for a place in Hill Country. Our evenings are spent at times, with the guys having a ping pong tournament outside, while she plays classical music on the piano, on my porch. I guess we just had to find the right space cadets, to click with.

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