Thursday, November 18, 2010


To make a long story kind of short, I took off of work today to offer my daughter some moral support at magistrate court for a ticket issue. Meaning I had to wake up very early, and wait in a cold long line waiting for the privelege to go through a metal detector, stand in another line, go upstairs and sit on a hard bench for 4 hours-Anywho- Where do strangers come in. Well it occurred to me today, after sitting on a bench for 4 hours (because I could not go in the courtroom, and sit on their hard bench, not permitted) that sometimes a stranger can be a really good thing. A very pleasant lady sat next to me, and struck up a conversation, we talked and talked, and she handed me a snack, and we talked some more. Dont get me wrong, I am generally the type of person who avoids contact with perfect stangers, you know avoid contact, give quick answers, as not to give the impression that I am interested, lol!, but sometimes it is nice to sit and talk, and vent to a perfect stanger, that you will absolutely never see again. We talked about some pretty heady stuff, we both got something out of it, it has to be I would imagine similar to baring your soul to the bartender. Sometimes it is easier to see yourself through the eyes of stranger, than your loved ones, because I think when you engage with this person, you feel the need on some level to let them know you a little bit, which means you look at yourself and define yourself to a degree. Anyway it is kind of funny when you have those encounters because even though it is very nice, and a little cathardic, it is like when the person leaves, smiling with a little wave and thank you for the conversation, it is like they carried away a rough piece of you. Very nice, so most of you probably already know this, but if you dont, trust me, slow down take a minute, lighten your load, connect. It is so worth it. PS Soap pics soon. LL

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