Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That Deep Pool

Mothers Day was spent with my daughters, my mother and my sister. It was a day of deep gratitude where I fully felt the deep pool of love and connection of our very different but interwoven spirits, and the magical energy of that. We laughed loudly, cried softly while bearing hearts without hesitation. We hugged, whispered, teased and understood our bond can be tense but it is always strong.  My husband has a wicked sense of humor and that morning I felt a little more sensitive than usual, I said where is my Happy Mothers Day, and he said in a joking way "Your not my mother"  I kissed him and went to spend my day with my women. When I arrived home, he said you know I was joking this morning don't you, because you did raise me, nurture me, tolerate me, accept and loved me, you mothered me in the best way, and I thank you for that.  A sweet end, to the sweetest day.

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  1. that picture makes me *smile*
    and I love what you wrote
    about the bond can be tense but it is always strong....love that

    love and light